Eat. Pray. Die.

Corporate worship got you down? Tired of all those exhausting trips to church, kids screaming in the backseat, only to sit through the dull droning of another Sunday sermon? It’s easy to stream your family’s favorite weekly service from your living room, but what about those pesky sacraments?

At Sacredent® we know you’re an upstanding member of the body of Christ. We appreciate the guilt you’ve been feeling at forgoing the Lord’s supper, but don’t let your local church mislead you. You’re just as much a part of the body from home, work, or school as you are at church! It’s just a building after all, and Matthew 18:20 assures us it takes only two or three gathered in His name to summon His presence*. So why not avoid the hassle and worship in the privacy and comfort of your own home?

You’ve heard of DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates. Now let us introduce you to CommuneRun, the first on-demand subscription service of its kind. Not only do we bring the Lord’s supper directly to you, wherever you are, but we do so with your satisfaction in mind. Choose from any number of seasonal and varietal wines. For the teetotalers, we offer several fine grape juices, sparkling and still. Of course, CommuneRun Christians will have the option to select bread or wafers, including gluten-free options. Our products are always thoughtfully prepared in no mess single serve packaging.

With the download of our free app, you’ll get access to exclusive in-app content from our pastoral partners, including easy to follow video instructions on taking the bread and cup. Enjoy during Sunday brunch, poolside while traveling, or squeeze it in during halftime of the Big Game. Our first-rate couriers are ready to deliver anytime, anywhere.  

No longer are you required to rub shoulders with pushy pewmates. The modern Christian is discerning in fellowship. Be assured your family and friends, no matter their preferred denomination, will find a suitable option this coming Lord’s day. After a long work week, there’s no reason not to celebrate Sundays in comfort and convenience.

Sacredent® is committed to bringing the religious experience into the 21st century. As a complement to CommuneRun, we are excited to announce the upcoming addition of our Fontismal line for all your at-home baptismal needs. Sprinklers and Pourers will love the compact countertop model in easy-to-clean stainless steel while Immersers will fawn over the sleek self-inflatable baptistery perfect for pairing with backyard barbeque fellowship. Be sure to check out our growing collection of religious appliances and services. At Sacredent® we believe in empowering you to worship your way. It’s not just our motto, it’s our mission.

Sacredent®. Worship your way.

*Verse taken out of context. Sacredent® makes no claims of biblical scholarship or church authority nor is the company liable for eisegesis, other errors in hermeneutics, or any beliefs resulting from such misuses of Scripture.

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