2 thoughts on “Andrew Tate Does Not Understand Masculinity, Women, or Christianity

  1. Christianity has always been superior to Islam because Christianity teaches strict chastity and absolute monogamy while Islam teaches modified polygamy.
    Strict Islamic countries permit more than one wife and even permit temporary (timed) marriages.

    The problem is what passes for marriage in churches right now is not valid as marriage but cohabitation or a form of sexless concubinage.

    Don’t believe me?

    Ask yourselves and your pastors this question: what RELATIONAL change took place from non marriage to marriage? Hint: It’s a huge massive change for a young man and women and the reason for the celebration!

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    1. True! There are many reasons Christianity is superior and truly from God. The Biblical model of chastity and marriage is one such area that makes Christianity shine above the rest and points to it being truly from God. What man would come up with such an idea? Fallen man naturally seeks to do what’s easy, convenient, or gives him the most pleasure. The Bible tells us to deny our flesh. Sadly, like you said, many Christians have adopted unbiblical ideas about sex and marriage, distorting God’s intended purpose. Thanks for reading and engaging!


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