True Contentment in a World Gone Mad

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on After the latest mass shootings at the Uvalde, Texas elementary school, where 19 children and 2 aduts were gunned down, more faculty and staff are carrying guns to defend against future tragedy.... In 2021, 70,601 died from a fentanyl overdose in the U.S. That figure is up 25% from…

Heart of the Savior

Heart of the  Savior In the heart of Jesus, a savior be His heavenly throne was naught to He His ears could hear only His children’s cry Our nature He took and exposed Satan’s lie In a town too small to be a clan From Ancient of Days our Ruler began In a lowly trough…

The Good in Good Friday

Good Friday. What is good about it? On the surface it appears to be the most monumental miscarriage of justice in all of history. It gives new meaning to cruel and inhumane. So we cry out, “What is good about this?!” But if you are a Christian, you have had your sight restored, and have…

The Value of a Gift

She heard a commotion outside just a few spaces away, so she wiped the condensation off the window with her jacket sleeve and looked into the parking lot. There stood a tall lanky man with a bright red sweatshirt that proudly proclaimed: ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’. Beside him stood his gaunt and wearied looking wife and two preschool aged children. He stood shouting and cursing at an older couple for having pushed their shopping cart too close to his Mustang. “You idiot! I guess you left your brains back in the checkout line, along with all the other morons that I have run into tonight! Can you actually see, old man, or are those glasses as ancient as you are?”

Whose Kingdom is It, Anyways?

 I was reading through my daily ‘Through the Bible in a Year Plan’ and this Scripture was like an anchor, not letting me surface. I had that nagging sense of déjà vu, a mild sense of uneasiness. I knew this, didn’t I? I did. All of a sudden I felt like David when the Lord confronted him through Nathan the prophet. “You are the man!” I was Nebuchadnezzar, or had been at least. 

The Scenario: A Story

Getting ready for the day, your mind is busy on thoughts of the numerous things that need to be done. Rushing to get through the morning tasks, there lies your Bible on the table with the sheet of paper for numerous prayer requests, undisturbed for a few frantic days now. That can be done later is your reasoning. The Lord is certainly sympathetic.