Reformed Theology for Women.

Because Marilyn was wrong, the golden chain is a girl’s best friend. (Romans 8:29-30)

Who are you?

We are two Christian reformed women living in Las Vegas, seeking to investigate arts, culture, and theology in light of God’s word. For His glory alone.

Amber Ornelas and April Khaito

Did I mention we are writers? Amber Ornelas is The Cyber Scribe writing technical copy for humans. She also writes fiction (thrillers) and creative nonfiction. Her essay, “The Four Masks of Wild River” was published in Written River.

April Khaito writes mainly speculative fiction, blurring the lines between science fiction and fantasy. Her short story, “Gentlemen of the Shade” was published in Steel House Review. “Carhenge,” a work of nonfiction about the 2017 total eclipse, was a semifinalist for North American Review’s 2019 Torch Prize in Creative Nonfiction. In summer 2020, her story “Stranger on the Shore” will be published in “Whispers of the Universe”, an anthology by Properitus Press.

What’s with the name?

The name, Bone of Bones, was inspired by Genesis 2:23: man’s first love poem.

Could those category names be more confusing?

Please forgive us. There’s nothing a writer loves more than wordplay. Here’s the breakdown: Black Coffee is the place for theology, no sugar added. The Dirge is where you’ll find the dark, weird, and satirical. You can read up on the arts and culture in Articulture. Finally, the Book Nook is where we’ll be reviewing literature from a Christian perspective.