Hello Bone of Bone readers! We’d like to apologize for the long and completely unannounced hiatus. April and I both experienced exciting life changes that have kept us away from this blog.

For starters, April and her husband recently welcomed their first child into the world. A little girl named Oswin Noor Khaito. Look at that face!

And as for me, I recently married the love of my life and became Amber Ornelas Frederick.

Between having a newborn baby, getting used to the married life, and staying safe, healthy, and sane during a worldwide plague, we’ve found little time to work on this blog.

We’re both eager to get back to the blog this year, as it’s been a joy and a challenge to bear God’s word.

We hope it’s been a joy and a challenge for you as well, and that you will join us here again on Bone of Bones in 2021.

Until next time, salutations, selah and Happy New Years.

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