Whose Kingdom is It, Anyways?

 I was reading through my daily ‘Through the Bible in a Year Plan’ and this Scripture was like an anchor, not letting me surface. I had that nagging sense of déjà vu, a mild sense of uneasiness. I knew this, didn’t I? I did. All of a sudden I felt like David when the Lord confronted him through Nathan the prophet. “You are the man!” I was Nebuchadnezzar, or had been at least. 

[SATIRE] Street Evangelist Coaxes Unbelievers With Toilet Paper…Hundreds Saved

BUSHWHACK, Texas — Like in most towns across America fighting to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed for just about everyone in Bushwhack. Everyone that is except for local street evangelist and fifth member of the Bushwhack Baptist Quartet, Charlie Ton.   Known for his theatrical and often controversial approach to evangelism, Charlie sees the…