Whose Kingdom is It, Anyways?

 I was reading through my daily ‘Through the Bible in a Year Plan’ and this Scripture was like an anchor, not letting me surface. I had that nagging sense of déjà vu, a mild sense of uneasiness. I knew this, didn’t I? I did. All of a sudden I felt like David when the Lord confronted him through Nathan the prophet. “You are the man!” I was Nebuchadnezzar, or had been at least. 

Contractions: A Story

Clara slipped her feet into the stirrups, knees spread. Naked from the waist down, she felt the chill of the sterile room beneath the thin gown as the technologist handed her the wand, properly lubricated, and told her to guide it between her legs. The silent vision appeared, and out of the darkness materialized the uproar of the womb.

The Scenario: A Story

Getting ready for the day, your mind is busy on thoughts of the numerous things that need to be done. Rushing to get through the morning tasks, there lies your Bible on the table with the sheet of paper for numerous prayer requests, undisturbed for a few frantic days now. That can be done later is your reasoning. The Lord is certainly sympathetic.

Paid by the Convert: Revivalism in America

Today I'm linking an enlightening video on revivalism in the United States and why American churches today incorporate practices such as altar calls, mindless repetition in music, spontaneous baptisms, speaking in tongues, and other forms of emotionalism in worship. Of particular interest is the fact that some preachers during this revival period worked on commission,…

How to Overcome Secular Brainwashing

If you’re reformed, you have likely heard the expression semper reformanda (always reforming). This phrase was meant as a rally cry for the church to be continually reevaluating traditions and beliefs to ensure accordance with the Word of God. At the heart of the sentiment is an emphasis on purifying both doctrine and practice (theology…