Heart of the  Savior

In the heart of Jesus, a savior be
His heavenly throne was naught to He
His ears could hear only His children’s cry
Our nature He took and exposed Satan’s lie
In a town too small to be a clan
From Ancient of Days our Ruler began
In a lowly trough the King of Kings lay
Our Emmanuel surrounded by hay
Fear not, O remnant! The prophets foretold
His cross and victory from the days of old
His lot was destined from the very start
Satan’s furious arrows struck Rachel’s heart
At the waters of Jordan His sorrows began
His perfect submission, the true Divine Man
His ministry sealed by the Father above
The Spirit is seen in the form of a dove
He came to His own but they did not receive
His many great works, they did not believe
They were not His sheep, the reason was plain
Their hearts were thus loyal to Satan’s domain
The week of the passion drew to its end
A kiss of a traitor, his fate long ago penned
The garden of agony and great drops of blood
His enemy surrounded Him like a great flood
The cross was not His, but he carried it still
Father not my, but only Your will
The Father was pleased to crush the Son
For in this great mystery, the victory was won
The darkness was heavy as the sun fled away
The earth quaked and trembled to the soldier’s dismay
The veil of separation was now torn in two
His sacrifice was finished, all things now made new
Like those without hope they mourned and sorrowed
Their Lord now lay in a tomb that was borrowed
Then to the women the mighty angel proclaimed
“He is risen! Go and tell of His great name!
Our Savior now sits at His Father’s right hand
“Your enemies shall glorify You, like I have planned”
For even the mightiest angels bow before
His throne to worship and adore
False teachers will come, so be on your guard
Waterless clouds, the days will be hard
Abandoning themselves to the way of Cain
Forsaking Christ for profit and gain
Blessed is he who keeps the words of this book
For the tribes of the earth all trembled and shook
Like a great trap, that day suddenly came
But His children rejoiced and praised His great name,
“Glory be to the Father and to the Son
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, are three yet One!”

Until next time, salutations and selah.

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